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My Career in the National Park Service as a Naturalist and Protection Ranger inspired me to write a children’s book, Out of Thin Air, as well as two books on my adventures as a rescue Ranger.  My publisher is and they are available there and from

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WE WALK THE WORLD: A Semester At Sea link

WE WALK THE WORLD: A Semester At Sea link

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Doc Nancy here.  I have started a new blog for my webpage, We Walk The World with wordpress.  The link to the Semester At Sea 2007 voyage including photo gallery and blogs is now available here through the link above.

This new blog will be focusing on the Fulbright Scholarship grant I received through the U.S .Department of State.  I will be travelling to the Russian Federation, doing research on their protected areas, teaching biology at Gorno-Altaisk State University in SW Siberia, and creating a community astronomy club and teaching a bilingual course in Amateur Astronomy. 

Feel free to contact me at:

Just click on FULBRIGHT BLOG at the top of this page under the photo of me in Vietnam with the python and start reading about my experience as a Fulbright Scholar to the Russian Federation.

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